Man cremates wife’s body on roadside in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal: A dalit man had to cremate his wife’s body on a roadside in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh on Thursday. The access route to crematorium ground was allegedly encroached by upper caste people in the region. Local police have denied the happening claiming it as media hype.

The incident was reported from Pipripura village in Morena’s Ambah thehsil where a woman named Kanchan died of prolonged illness on Wednesday night. Her cremation was slated for Thursday afternoon.

When her son saw that there was a blockage on the entrance of crematorium ground, he approached village sarpanch and other panchayat members to get the routes cleared, but to no avail. He called up the CM Helpline number too. After waiting for a few hours, they decided to cremate her body on road outside the crematorium ground.

Local police, however, denied the allegations. “There is nothing as such. Our team had met the family and they have not given any complaint on this,” Morena SP A P Singh told TOI. He said the cremation ground is located on a height and there approach way is difficult so people often perform the ritual outside it.

Another senior officer posted in the area said that it was only a hype created by local media.

This was the second such incident reported from same region. Last year a dalit man had to cremate his wife’s body in front of his house, allegedly after he and other family membe-rs were stopped from entering the cremation ground by upper caste people. This incident was reported from Garhi village of Morena’s Ambah town.

Source:  Times Of India

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