SGRHF Quarterly Magazine Mino-View Fourth (Jan To March) 2014


Jan-Mar-2014Since last ten month election atmosphere continuously Prevail in most of the South Asian countries During May 2013 a political change in Pakistan was witnessed when People Party was washed out and Pakistan Muslim League [N] formed its government with clear majority and emerging Tehreek- e- Insaaf became the third biggest party which formed its government in the province of KPK. But unfortunately no change was seen in the fate of minorities, as Minorities representatives in assemblies are still not elected on general seats rather selected on the reserved seats. In January 2014 controversial election of Bangladesh was witnessed, opposition parties boycotted the election. Many cases of human right violation against minorities were also reported. It is incredibly sad to witness that, election in Nepal took such a giant backward leap regarding Dalit participation. The first past the post [FPTP] Results are out and Nepali Congress Party emerged as winner. Congress did not nominate a single Dalit candidate and other major political parties have drastically reduced the number of Dalit nominations. Only two Dalit candidates have been elected under [FPTP]. In December election the Congress in India faced a great set back while the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) emerged as an impressive winner mainly due to minority muslim and dalit votes. Yashwant  deshmukh’s     Political analysis shows that APP may hurt BJP in Haryana in upcoming election with the help of Dalit and muslim votes. According to Gail Omvedt the Past trend of dalit voting is markedly different from that of other Hindus. Dalits votes more and vote differently from other sections. There is also interesting aspect of Dalit voting. Younger voter are in favour of BSP, women are more likely to vote for Congress and men for BSP and others. In the same way poor votes for BSP, middle class for Congress and the rich votes for BJP. But now AAP appeared as a new political force to catch Dalit and Muslim votes in forth coming elections. Miss Manjula Pradeep, NAVASARJAN, Ahmedabad, Gujarat-India is kind enough to send her Article Current Scenario of Dalit women in India for the magazine. The present issue of Mino-View is a small attempt on our part to promote justice and quality for the peace and stability of the region. It will act as a mirror reflecting the issues related to the identified minorities and other oppressed classes in the region. It will shed light on the darkest issues of our social system by voicing the concerns of minorities, Dalits and other oppressed sections of the SA societies. We will welcome feedback from our respected readers and concerned quarter. We invite social forces from all over the region to join hands for adopting a way towards egalitarianism.


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