SGRHF Quarterly Magazine Mino-View Ninth (April To June) 2015

Mino-view-tenthThe fate of majority of world minorities is in wilderness there is human rights violation happening in every corner of the world. But the situation in Myanmar (Burma) is particularly alarming where the Rohingya a Muslim minority is witnessing the worst genocidal operation at the hand of extremist Buddhists. The Burmese state does not identify the Rohingya as an ethnic community and term them as immigrants from neighbouring Bangladesh. They are being denied citizenship and other fundamental rights. They have been forced into horrible over crowded camps where they face severe restrictions and are denied basic necessities including medical care. They are facing act of brutality, which include rape of both male and female irrespective of age, slaughtering them. The plight of Rohingya became a regional crunch when thousands are washed up on the sea shores of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. This is second planned genocide against Muslim in Myanmar. The international community is silent as before. It is the need of the hour to term Muslim genocide as immoral, inhuman and illegal and immediate practical measure should be taken to end it permanently. It is not a question of religious community clash, but of unarmed innocent human beings being brutally killed in genocidal fashion. Before it becomes a norm we must be vigilant and mobilized to protect and preserve human rights. The another important issue which is highlighted in this issue is that according to the US report on human rights violations the rape is the fastest growing crime in India. Official statistics described that there were 33,707 cases of rape reported nationwide in 2013. National crime statistics indicated that, compared with other caste affiliation, rape was most often perpetrated against Dalit women. In India Study shows that National Capital Region (NCR) homeowners turn away Dalit and Muslim, they are facing discrimination practiced by home provider including landlords, estate agents and brokers, Dalit because of their low caste and Muslims due to their religion and those who get houses on rent with differential terms and conditions as high rent, security and other restrictions. One in four Indians admit to be practicing untouchability. Indians belonging to every religion and caste group including Muslims, Christians SC and ST admit to practicing Untouchability. Urgent appeal to combat caste discrimination in Nepal earthquake relief efforts, A tragedy of dignity, life as one of Bangladesh’s untouchable and civil society of Pakistan urges the world to save the Rohingya Muslims is also highlighted in the current issue of Mino-View. It is an attempt to pin point the issues related to the identified minorities and other oppressed classes in the region. It highlighted the darkest issues of our social system by voicing the concerns of minorities and oppressed section of South Asian societies. Valuable suggestions as well as positive criticism for the improvement of this magazine would be a great source of encouragement and will be incorporated in the subsequent editions.


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