SGRHF Quarterly Magazine Mino-View Second (July to Sep) 2013


July-Sep-2013South Asia is rich in human resources but poor in human rights. If human resources are properly managed, it brings peace and stability in the region. Caste is considered to be the ground cause for violation of human rights resulting in other kinds of discrimination such as racial, religious, social, ethnic, economic, etc. Caste, in fact, is a crime but practiced in all parts of south Asian societies because it is deeply rooted and cannot be changed by government alone. In order to curb such caste-based inequalities, we need to motivate civil society, local and International organizations. Such as UNO, and European Union to work for the cause more effectively. Mino-View is a quarterly magazine of SGRHF to create above- mentioned awareness among the people for various kinds of injustice, oppression, tyranny and inequality in the region. DR B.R Ambedker is no doubt a great champion of human rights for oppressed people in South Asia. He himself is dalit and his dalit nation has been deprived and denied human rights for the last five thousand years. They are in reality the biggest minority in South Asia known as Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes (SC/ST/OBC) Dalits are certainly worst victims but the movement of Dalit empowerment is also gaining grounds. It is likely that a Dalit politician will become chief minister of Talagana, a newly proposed state in South India. In spite of this fact, Prof. A Ramaiah writes that crime against Dalits is rapidly growing in the region. He is of the view that Untouchability is still practiced in 80 per cent of Indian villages. Crimes against Dalits – ranging from humiliating verbal abuses to rape and murder, are also widespread. Prof A Ramaiah also points out that the crimes against Dalits in Chief Minister Ship of dalit Mayawati is increased due to the anger of high – caste people in the state. SGRHF, in collaboration with Interfaith Dialogue for Peace and Inter-Religious Peace Council organized a seminar on Inter – Religious Dialogue in Pakistan. Mr. Brian and Mr. Mike also participated in the seminar representing International House (USA). The present issue of Mino-View is a little effort of SGRHF to share the   events and issues of minorities for bringing the spirit of human brotherhood and peace full co-existence in the region. We welcome feedback from our respected readers, invite the scholars to write for Mino-View and join our hands to develop an egalitarian society.


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