SGRHF Quarterly Magazine Mino-View Third (Oct to Dec) 2013


Oct-Dec-2013In south Asia for the last two decade there is an increasing violation of the rights of minorities which has been a matter of concern. The fundamental forces are gaining access to state power and thus influencing the government to damage the interest of minorities. Liberal support which is crucial for the well being of the minorities has become substantially weaker and uncertain. The history of minorities in south Asia is history of increasing discrimination and deprivation. United Nation General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. To be free is not merely to caste off one’s chain but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.UNO, SAARC, EU, and ASEAN should take steps to change the world’s attitude towards issues of equality and human justice. In this regard recently the European Parliament (EP) has recognized caste-based discrimination as a human rights violation and adopted a resolution condemning it and urging European Union institutions to address it. SGRHF is an NGO established by intellectuals, scholars, and social activists in Lahore in 2006. It works for rights of minorities and down trodden people irrespective of caste, creed and colour. MINO-VIEW is a quarterly magazine of SGRHF. This magazine focuses on the sufferings of suppressed people and violation of human rights and is a source of expression of news and views. 2013 is the year which has challenged the political status-co of Indo-Pak. Firstly election polls in Pakistan entered a new era in which PTI emerging as the 2nd largest party. These results show the power democracy gives to people. The echo of this change reached India, as a result same change was witnessed in India, where (APP) Aam Aadmi Party made a spectacular debut in Delhi with an extra ordinary success. Expert predicts that this swing of change may further spread in the next election of Bangladesh and even in Afghanistan. Amnesty International has adopted Bangladeshi human right defender Adilur Rahman Khan as a prisoner of conscience. Dalit civil society leader submitted memorandum to the president of council of Nepal.  In Indian capital National Tribunal of violence against Dalit women hair 45 cases of atrocities mostly against Dalit women from nine states across the country and desecration of Dalit corpse in Badin condemned by civil society organization of  Sindh. The present issue of Mino-View is a little effort of SGRHF to share the   events and issues of minorities for bringing the spirit of human brotherhood and peace full co-existence in the region. We welcome feedback from our respected readers, invite the scholars to write for Mino-View and join our hands to develop an egalitarian society


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