‘The Buddha and Ambedkar have inspired many to fight caste system’

Raichur: The ideologies of the Buddha and B.R. Ambedkar have inspired many people to participate in the movement for eradication of caste system in India, Harsha Bhosle, professor of Political Science, Bombay University, Mumbai, has said

He was addressing a national conference, “Eradication of Caste System and Current Problems”, jointly organised by the Raichur Post Graduation Centre, the International Organising Committee of Dr. Ambedkar’s 126th birth anniversary, Bengaluru, the Dr. Ambedkar Research Centre at Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi, in Raichur on Tuesday.

He said that Ambedkar, who himself faced problems because of his birth in a Dalit family, fought caste system, social imbalance, caste-based discrimination, women’s education, superstition, and tried to educate people against such evils. Owing to his continuous efforts, people followed his principles and ideologies to eradicate caste system, he added. He reiterated that the Buddha inspired Ambedkar with his ideologies based on humanity and peace, which have become essential in today’s socio-political situation.

C.S. Patil, registrar of Evaluation of Gulbaraga Univesity, Kalaburagi, said that Ambedkar followed the principles of the Buddha and focussed on finding solutions to the social evils.

S.P. Melakeri, Director of Dr. Ambedkar Research Centre at Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi, expressed displeasure as the existing system had failed to provide social justice to downtrodden communities. Therefore, people should get education and seek to establish their rights provided under the Constitution, he said

R.V. Chandrashekhar, Nusrath Fatima, Bhaskar and others were present.

Source: The Hindu

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