Delegation of Indian Yatrees visited Katas Raj 2015

A group of 21 Hindu Yatrees arrived at wahga border Lahore on 15th February 2015 to participate in the Shivratri celebrations at Katasraj Chakwal. ETPB Deputy Secretary Azhar Nazir Sulheri welcomed them. They were presented bouquet. Yatrees reached at Dera Sahib Lahore where they were welcomed by chairman ETPB Siddiq-ul-Farooq, Secretary Khalid Ali and Deputy Secretary Mazhar Abbas. Delegation leader of the visiting yatrees, Mehandar Singh Pal and Dupty leader Satish Kumar Gosawami were presented flowers. Chairman ETPB Siddq-ul-Farooq in his welcome address to the Yatrees said that we have made arrangement for 200 Yatrees but only 21 persons came. He said he wished more and more Yatrees should visit Pakistan for Yatra. We don’t differentiate between Sikh and Hindu we tried to make special arrangement for all of them. Both are Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Punjab Shabaz Sharif have ordered us to make proper arrangement for the incoming Yatrees, so that when they go back home they can tell their people about the hospitality of the people of Pakistan. The chairman ETCB repeatedly stressed that very few people have come he would have been extremely happy if more people had come. As Sikh Yatrees come in large numbers so we feel very delighted. Secretary Mr. Khalid Ali also welcomed the Yatrees. Delegation leader Mahandar Singh Pal Ex-MLA UttaraKhand thanked the chairman. He said we feel delighted to be in Pakistan. 31 people got visa but only 21 came. Dupty leader Satish Kumar Gosawami also thanked the chairman. They were entertained with hi-Tea On 16th February Yatrees went for Katas Raj Mandir Dupty secretary Azhar Nazir Sulehri and SGRHF Staff member Muhammad Ahmed accompanied them. In Katas raj Chakwal Assistant Commissioner Sameena greeted them with flowers. On 17th February at Katas Raj Yatrees bathed in (natural pond) Amarkan. Then Yatrees worshipped Shivling and performed their religious rituals. In Shadi Ghar Mandir all Yatrees performed their religious rituals and prayed for the progress and prosperity of both the countries. RECEPTION: On behave of ETPB the Yatrees were given reception. Chairman Siddiq-ul-Farooq was the chief guest. Deputy Secretary Azhar Nazir Sulehri hoisted the event and welcomed all the guest and family of the Chairman Siddiq-ul-Farooq. The function began with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Chairman Siddiq-ul-Farooq congratulated Yatrees for the holy bath at Katas Raj. As it is believed in Hindu religion that whoever takes this holy bath all his sins are washed, therefore I congratulate on taking this bath and wish you happy marriage Anniversary of Shivjee. Pakistan is Islamic country and all the people belonging to different religion have full liberty and freedom to worship. This is the teaching and message of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W). Mr. Khalid congratulated Hindu Yatrees on their religious day. Assistant Commissioner Ms. Sameena also congratulated them and said that more people should come over here. Leader of the delegation Mahindar Singh Pal thanked Chairman Siddiq-ul-Farooq and appreciated the arrangement made for Hindu Yatrees, including their security, residence and transportation and said we had no problem here. Deputy Leader of the delegation Satish Kumar Gosawami also thanked the Chairman ETPB and his team and said we are very happy to come Pakistan. Ms.Vibah Thakhar also thanked Chairman and his team for the better arrangements. Then on the behalf of the ETPB Hindu Yatrees were presented Shawls, Shields and gifts. Representative of Hindu Yatrees Mr. Mahindar Singh Pal also presented Shawls to the family of the Chairman. On the evening of 17th February 2015 Hindu Yatrees performed their farewell religious rituals near (natural pond) Amarkhan and sang their religious songs and lit candles. On the morning of 18th February 2015 A.C Ms. Saimna presented Hindu Yatrees gift of Rawari (sweets) and salt. Then Hindu Yatrees departed for Lahore. On 19th February 2015 Yatrees performed their religious rituals on Love Samadhi at Lahore Fort. On the evening of 20th February 2105 Yatrees came to Krishna Mandir Ravi Road and worshipped there. MNA from Sindh Ramesh Kumar and MPA from Punjab Kanji Ram came to meet Hindu Yatrees. Ramesh Kumar sang his religious song in Sindhi. In the end Shawls were given to all the Yatrees. On the morning of 21st February 2015 Yatrees departed for India through Wagha Border.

Photo Gallery of the Event


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