December 2015

Katas Raj located in the salt range 18 miles South of Chakwal.  Katas mandir has a historical importance for Hindus which is found in the ‘Mahabaharat” (Holy Book of Hindus). Legend has it that when Sati Wife of Lord Shiv died he cried so much and for so long that his tears created two Holy ponds- one at Pushkara at Ajmer and the other at Ketaksha (Katas Raj), which literally means “raining eyes” in Sanskirit. It is from this main that the word ‘Katas’ is derived. Another version of the legend mentions the two pools at Katas Raj and Nainital. Later temples were built around the pond and the place became a piligrim magnet.

On 10th of December 2015 two groups of yattrees came to Pakistan through Wagha border. One group of 124 yatrees came to visit Katas Raj and other group of 88 yatrees came to visit Hayat Patafi Sindh. On behalf of ETPB chairman Muhammad Sidique-al-Farooq, Additional Secretary Shrines Khalid Ali, deputy secretary Faraz Abbas and deputy secretary Shrines Imran Khan along with the staff member of Sir Ganga Ram Heritage Foundation welcomed the yattrees. Leader of Katas Raj group Shiv Partap Bajaj said we have come here with a message of peace, our aim is to visit Katas Raj our sacred place and we have nothing to do with politics. He thanked the organizers for good arrangements. Khalid Ali secretary Shrines said that ETPB has always tried to give a warm welcome to the incoming guests and make even better arrangements for them than before. Head of Hayat Patafi group Yudhishter Lal thanked the government of Pakistan and ETPB. He said that they feel very happy in Pakistan and the arrangements made for them are also very nice, our aim is to visit our Temple for worship. ETPB made lunch arrangements for yatrees SGRHF flags were displayed on reception, a medical camp was also set up for yattrees. At 5pm in the evening the two groups separately departed for their destinations i.e. Katas Raj and Hayat Patafi Sindh on buses. Sgrhf admin officer Muhammad Ahmed and deputy secretary Faraz Abbas accompanied Katas Raj group.

On11th December 2015 AC of Chakwal Miss Samina welcomed the guest yattrees and told them that government of Pakistan always try to make appropriate arrangements for incoming yattrees. She also told that chakwal authorities have arranged cultural show for them. At 7 pm cultural show started in which local artists performed. Folk and religious songs were sung. On behalf of DPO .DCO and AC Miss Samina tea along with dry fruits was served.

On 12th December 2015 yattrees bathed in natural pond (Amarkun) and worshipped shivling and performed their religious rituals. In Shadi Ghar Mandir all yatrees performed their religious rituals. Chairman ETPB and Khalid Ali also joined them in their worship at 12pm yattrees were given reception by ETPB.

On13th December 2015 yattrees returned to Lahore.

On14th December 2015 at 9.oclock in the morning yattrees visited Krishna Mandir and performed their religious rituals and all yattrees were presented shawals and then afterward all yattrees went to Anarkali Bazar for shopping and also visited Akberi Mandi and returned back at 6pm in the evening.

On 15th December 2015 Sir Ganga Ram Heritage Foundation (SGRHF) gave reception to all yattrees at ”Love Samadi” in Lahore Fort. The reception was hosted by Director Ehsan Nadeem, he welcomed them and explained the history behind ”Love Samadi” He said that Shri Ram had two brother, Lahu and Kasu. Lahore was named after Lahu, who supposedly found the city and Kasur city was named after Kasu who founded it as supposed. Before Akber Hindu used to come here for worship. Before Akber the fort was made of mud, when Akber came he rebuilt the fort and ”Love Samadi” with bricks. Ever since” Love Samadi ” has been looked after and kept carefully.

SHIV PRATAP BAJAJ (Delegation Leader)

He thanked for narrating the history of ”Love Samadi” and told that this time yattrees from fourteen well known states` of India have come. We are visiting Pakistan since 1982 but this time most educated and intellectual yattrees have come and stressed that in Pakistan Katas Raj is a Holy place for us. In 1947 after partition when for the first time in1982 we came to Pakistan these two places were deserted, slowly it was improved. For its renovation and improvement ETPB worked hard. Raj mandir is our holy place and Amarkan which started as a result chain of tears of Shiv Jee is very important for us and after bathing in it we feel our rebirth. In the end he once again praised the arrangements made for them.


Ever since when in 1985 my father came to Pakistan to visit Katas Raj for worship, I longed and wished to see Katas Raj and after a very long span of time my wish is fulfilled. I am thankful for the love and happiness and the arrangements I got here in Pakistan.


He thanked the director, Mr Bajaj and the entire organizer for arranging programme at ”Love Samadi”

BABA SHAM SINGH (Chairman Pakistan Sikh Gurdawara Parbandhak Committee)

He welcomed the yattrees from India. After 1947 we have gathered together again. Before 1947 Lahore was like this as we all have gathered today and I pray that we all remain together like this. This is the result of efforts of Pakistan government and hard work of ETPB for which I am thankful to them both. In the end all the senior and junior group leaders and guests were presented shawls and sweets.

On 16th December 2015 all the yattrees departed for India from wagha border. They were seen off by deputy secretary Mr Faraz Abbas.

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